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The Team

Every great entrepreneurial idea starts out small, regardless of how big the underlying ambition might be. In order for these great business ideas, business models, and business proposals to reach their full potential, they must have the proper nurturing, guidance, and funding. Unfortunately, in competitive markets, this is not always an easy task, and often leads to many missed opportunities. Astir Ventures is a leading investment firm who specializes in identifying and mentoring these entrepreneurial opportunities, providing the solid foundation for initial and sustained success.

Our team works closely with those we invest in, and have shaped our business model in order to provide many different forms of support for our investments. Our team can provide initial and ongoing funding, as well as hands on support to guide you through each step of the process. Our goal is to provide a complete feeling of support and ownership to those we invest in. The Astir team can help you strategize, plan, build, and succeed.

The Astir Ventures team is always on the look out for the next big business idea. We work hand in hand with our investments, ensuring the proper resources and support are available . We can help you bring your entrepreneurial idea to life, providing the venture capital, support, and guidance needed o get you off the ground and keep you growing. If you have a great business idea, we implore you to contact us today, so we can help bring your idea to fruition.


Kishore Ganji – Founder
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